Select from a variety of appetizers to start your dining.

    • Appetizer

      appetizers to start your dining with.

    • Chili Pakodas


      Hot peppers stuffed with ginger, garlic, & cheese, breaded and fried. served with sweet mango chutney.

    • Batata Wada


      Seasoned potatoes, fried and breaded with curry leaves, mustard seeds & cashews.

    • Vegetable Samosa


      Dumplings stuffed with mashed potato, peas & spices, served with sour cream & garlic sauce.

    • Murgh Tikka


      Boneless chicken breast, sauteed in a tomato cream sauce with bell peppers & onions.

    • Shrimp Malai


      Sauteed shrimp, bell peppers & onions, tossed in a delicious cream sauce.

    • Masala Papad


      A papad roasted with onions, tomato, cilantro and green chilis

    • Non-vegetarian Platter


      A sampler that includes 2 lamb samosas and boneless chicken, shrimp, & lamb kabob, tossed in a pepper and onion sauce.

    • Lamb Samosa


      Dumplings stuffed with minced lamb and spices, served with sour cream & garlic sauce.

    • Paneer Pakodas


      Mild homemade indian cheese with a potato & mint coriander center, fried to perfection.

    • Assorted Vegetable Pakodas


      Potato, spinach, onion, & cauliflower fried in a chickpea batter, served with sour cream & garlic sauce.

    • Vegetarian Platter


      Two vegetable samosas, batata wada and assorted vegetable pakodas.